On the Importance of Encouragement

It turns out that my first ever submission to the OWW made Editor’s Choice. Though this is a very tiny, tiny accomplishment, I’m still thrilled either way. From what I’ve learned so far, encouragement is equivalent to feeding wood to a fire underneath dark clouds. Though my skin has yet to toughen considerably, I find that with these encouragements, they serve as a kind of armor and I’m so grateful for all the reviews I’ve gotten so far because I’ve already seen improvements in my writing.

As far as statuses go, I’m on Chapter Four now. I had a major break through and I even updated the title to a more befitting one. I’ve made a table chart and it’s really helped me out so far vice traditional outlining. I’ve found that the table cells prohibit me from writing too much detail. Instead, I’m forced to condense events in the plot which make them more simple to follow. The plot points are precise yet vague in between, so while I’m writing, I’m allowed room to stray yet not too much that I deviate from the major plot points. (Hope that even makes sense.)

It’s a Sunday evening now and I have house chores to tend to (the never-ending laundry and piling dishes), but I hope to return my reviews before the night ends. I hope I can encourage and motivate others as well to strive for improvement and to never stop writing in the process.


  • February 5, 2012 / 2:51 pm / David

    Hi Renée,

    Ah, yes, encouragement . . . important because the opposite will always happen. One way of not having to rely on unreliable people like me, is to remember to encourage yourself. Never forget the finest pieces of writing you’ve done and don’t be afraid to reread them and to feel good about them again. You can also publish smaller pieces on sites like Fictionaut.com.

    Cheers, David

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